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Cellular networks bring remote smart grid installations to life


Colombian utilities are using cellphone infrastructure to communicate with remote electricity distribution automation and improve quality of service.

Colombia is experiencing rapid industrial development. As a result, the electricity demand of both multinational and local companies is escalating, requiring power companies to increase production while at the same time trying to maintain their sustainability and quality-of-service obligations.

Meeting these demands can be achieved if electricity distribution networks are equipped with intelligent distribution automation to improve supervision, control and internal quality standards while satisfying Colombian regulations. Such networks are known as “smart grids”.

This document describes two successful implementations––developed by PTI S.A. and the company’s represented brands––of distribution automation systems for smart grids, integrated to a control system utilizing the public cellphone networks to enable operators to monitor and control the systems.


Carbon Emission Reductions by the Implementation of a Smart Grid

By Steven Keeping (Technology Writer)

Abstract: A smart grid – a computerised electricity transmission and distribution network incorporating monitoring, reconfiguration and real time feedback – promises to revolutionise energy delivery by lowering costs, minimising outage frequency and duration, and simplifying the interfacing of renewable energy sources to the system.


Only Smart Reclosers Build Smart Grids

By Neil O'Sullivan (Managing Director) / Bruno Kimura (Brazil Managing Director)

Abstract: Smart Grid is on the agenda of almost every utility in the world today. A true Smart Grid starts with the automation of utilities distribution networks and a key building block for the automation of distribution networks is reclosers. What do reclosers need to provide this building block? This paper attempts to summarise the solution.