Press Release May 2008

NOJA Power exhibits OSM Recloser reliability at IEEE Conference

A substantial issue that faces worldwide energy generation, transmission and distribution sectors of the power industry is that of sustainability. Not only does this include environmental sustainability, but it also encompasses energy quality, costs and reliability and these were the main themes of the 2008 IEEE PES Conference and Exhibition.

Operating as one of the largest global platforms for Information on electrical engineering, the 2008 IEEE PES Conference and Exhibition was held in Chicago, Illinois on the 21st to 24th of April and centered this year's theme around “Powering Towards the Future” which provided a focus on the issues of reliability and quality of electricity supply. The City of Chicago catered perfectly for the extraordinary number of delegates and guests, and with views of the magnificent Chicago skyline and splendid coastline views of Lake Michigan, the setting for sharing of Information and knowledge was world class to say the least.

At a conference designed to provide transmission and distribution professionals an insight into the latest technologies, best practices and tools available in the industry, the team at NOJA Power Switchgear's exhibition stand ensured their contribution to the event was beneficial to the relevant individuals of the 13,000 in attendance.

NOJA Power's stand was located at booth 1290 in the 184,000 square feet area of the Exhibition Hall in the McCormick Place Conference and Exhibition Centre. The booth was attended by NOJA Power factory management and sales staff, all NOJA Power manufactures' representatives from within the U.S., with a large number of NOJA's exclusive distributors for Canada, Mexico, Central America, Latin America, The Bahamas, West Indies, Jamaica, Europe and Asia. The NOJA Exhibition booth was a popular discussion ground for Distribution Utility Engineers from most states of the USA and many international Engineers, for many of whom, NOJA Power is the Recloser Switchgear manufacturer of choice.

Discussions at the Conference and Exhibition revolved mainly around the demand on the US Distribution Utilities to provide reliability improvements. This provided a very sound platform for discussion at NOJA Power, as well defined use of the pole mounted auto circuit recloser can provide very rapid reliability gains.

The NOJA Power Recloser offers the Distribution Network Engineer a very powerful tool in terms of directional protection schemes for rapid network re-configurations, extremely fast timing for precise protection grading providing an increased number of network sections protected, and a very high level of distribution System Automation and communications capabilities. These inherent features come as standard in the OSM Recloser with many optional configurations also available, and all contribute to strategies for proven high feeder reliability.