Press Release March 2010

NOJA Power Auto Recloser Perfect Solution For Sectionalising

NOJA Power OSM reclosers are the perfect solution for sectionalising.

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When adopting “Smart Grid” philosophies. They provide:

  • Optimum Safety through the Patented Arc Fault Containment and Venting
  • "SF6 free" tank design - NO GAS
  • Full Fault Break and Fault Make Capabilities
  • Less Momentary Outages
  • Cost Effective Solution

Once discrimination cannot be achieved, typically outside 100msec for the OSM reclosers in series then any number of reclosers can be installed downstream to provide further segmentation of feeders.

The principal of operation is all sectionalising reclosers are graded using the same time/current characteristics and each recloser opens in response to downstream faults. The Voltage Reclosing Control inhibits reclosing on successive devices until each upstream recloser has operated. Devices that close onto a healthy section of feeder have additional time added. The device that closes onto the fault has no additional time added and subsequently operates to lockout.

Temporary Time Addition (TTA)

Temporary Time Addition (TTA)