Press Release February 2010

TELUS and OSM Reclosers Provide Smart Grid Solution

The Combination of NOJA Power’s OSM Smart Reclosers and TELUS Software are ideal building blocks for smart grid solutions. TELUS is a software package that can be used to control, monitor and provide engineering access to a standalone system or in conjunction with an existing SCADA communication system. The combination of TELUS and Smart Reclosers provides extra visibility and control to the power grid distribution network.

 NOJA Power’s OSM Smart Reclosers and TELUS Software diagram

 NOJA Power’s OSM Smart Reclosers and TELUS Software diagram

NOJA Power’s OSM Reclosers are shipped with the TELUS software package. The TELUS software package allows engineers to remotely analyse fault data configuration settings, accessing detailed data such as fault profiles and remotely changing protections settings. These abilities can be used to provide in depth remote monitoring and control of the OSM smart reclosers.

A key advantage of the TELUS software package is the ability to provide enhancement access to Smart OSM reclosers using the same communication channel as the SCADA system. This reduces setup time and cost of extra configuration. Alternatively TELUS can be used where a SCADA system is not available to provide remote control, configuration and data collection.

The TELUS software and the Smart OSM automatic recloser both use the DNP3 communication protocol. The protocol has an object-base application layer. This gives TELUS and the smart reclosers the ability to support poll-response, polled report-by-exception, unsolicited responses, peer-to-peer operating modes and the ability to communicate with multiple masters. These capabilities provide extra flexible options for building the Smart Grid system.

The DNP3 communication protocol has a strong community base and is used by multiple vendor devices and SCADA systems. This means no integration translation is required, reducing integration costs and reducing maintenance and training costs.

NOJA Power’s OSM reclosers also provide other protocols such as Modbus and IEC communication protocols. This allows more integration flexibility, enabling the reclosers to communicate with a variety of SCADA Networks and smart devices.

The combination of NOJA Power OSM smart reclosers and the TELUS software brings continuous reliability and smart solutions to the current power grid system. This extra power to control and monitor the grid, decreases live line maintenance costs and increases the overall health and performance of the power grid system, benefiting both the electrical utility and the general public.