World release of NOJA Power recloser app for iPad and iPhone

NOJA Power is pleased to announce the release of the Recloser App for iPhone and iPad.

Press Release

May 2012
NOJA Power recloser-app-iphone-ipad

The NOJA Power Recloser App is designed to interface to NOJA Power RC10 Recloser control and communications cubicles via the optional WiFi router accessory. When the USB - WiFi router accessory is fitted to enable WiFi capability, the Recloser App will connect to the control to provide remote control and interrogation capability.

This is a useful tool for Electricity Utility Linesman to control and interrogate their NOJA Power Switchgear products from the ground within the WiFi range of the device which is normally 50M. Climbing poles to interrogate reclosers is a thing of the past. The following functionality is supported when the control is in Local mode.

  • Trip / close
  • Local / Remote
  • Active Protection Group
  • Protection On/Off
  • Auto Reclose On/Off
  • Live Line On/Off
  • Earth Fault On/Off
  • Sensitive Earth Fault On/Off
  • Under Voltage On/Off
  • Over Voltage On/Off
  • Automatic Backfeed Restoration On/Off
  • Cold Load Pickup On/Off
  • Hot Line Tag On/Off
  • 3 phase current
  • 3 phase voltage ( all six bushings )
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Power Factor
  • Power flow direction
  • Energy
NOJA Power recloser app iphone ipad screenshot