NOJA Power upgrades industry’s most comprehensive Automatic Circuit Recloser firmware with single triple functionality and other enhancements

Relay firmware adds comprehensive interface for OSM Single Triple products, supports Smart Grid Automation software and improves coordination with upstream protection devices.

Press Release

April 2016

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the release of Relay 1.14, an upgraded firmware platform for its OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR or “auto-recloser”) including the recently released OSM Single Triple ACR. Among other improvements, the firmware now includes Smart Grid Automation (SGA) software support, improved coordination through Sequence Advance and enhanced alarm notification using Alarm Latching.

With the release of Relay 1.14, the RC control and communications cubicle for NOJA Power’s ACRs now incorporates a comprehensive user interface for configuring the operation of the OSM Single Triple ACR – a product comprising three OSM38 single phase ACRs mounted on a single bracket.

Using the new firmware, the RC cubicle can be programmed for three operating modes: Three-Phase Trip/Three-Phase Lockout, Single-Phase Trip/Three-Phase Lockout and Single-Phase Trip/Single-Phase Lockout. Relay 1.14 also enables advanced OSM Single Triple ACR operation such as configuring a different protection mode for forward and reverse power flow (for example, Single Phase Trip/Single-Phase Lockout in the forward direction and Three-Phase Trip/Three-phase Lockout in the reverse direction). (See “About the NOJA Power OSM Single Triple ACR” below.)

Further enhancements to Relay 1.14 include support for SGA software. SGA software runs on a PC and significantly increases the flexibility of NOJA Power’s ACRs by simplifying the implementation of smart grids. Using the software, engineers can intuitively develop control and automation applications for smart grids via an easy-to-use interface. Relay 1.14 enables the resulting applications to be uploaded to NOJA Power’s RC cubicle for control of the OSM series ACR or distributed to groups of controllers for simulation and debugging before field implementation. (See “About SGA software” below.)

Relay 1.14 also includes Sequence Advance, a feature that enhances the coordination between the NOJA Power ACR and an upstream Distribution Automation (DA) device such as another ACR or sectionaliser. The firmware can configure the ACR such that if the upstream device performs a protection operation the ACR will automatically step through to the next step in its own protection sequence. Sequence Advance improves coordination between DA devices because it ensures that all devices on a feeder are simultaneously advanced through their protection sequences.

Another new feature of Relay 1.14 is Alarm Latching. NOJA Power ACRs trigger an alarm when a protection element detects that a protection operation is required. Previously the alarm would reset when the protection element reset but now with Alarm Latching, the ACR can be configured to latch an alarm after the protection element resets such that the alarm remains active. The alarm can only then be reset via a Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) command or when the ACR closes. The advantage of Alarm Latching is that operators receive rapid notification of protection operations that otherwise might not have been observed until later analysis of the ACRs operation.

Relay 1.14 also includes a feature that improves the user experience of Relay demonstrations for customers where the operation of an ACR is simulated rather than employing an actual device.

NOJA Power’s Control and Management Software (CMS) has also received an upgrade (to version 2.9.0) to facilitate seamless configuration of Relay 1.14’s features. CMS is a configuration tool used with NOJA Power’s OSM range of ACRs and RC cubicle.

“With each release of NOJA Power’s auto-recloser firmware platform we are very careful not to undermine the proven stability of the product while at the same time evolving it to support rapidly advancing smart grid technology, our new products and customer requests,” says Neil O’Sullivan, NOJA Power’s Managing Director. “The latest version is a perfect example of that philosophy in action with first-time inclusion of support for SGA software, OSM Single Triple auto-reclosers and customer-requested features like Sequence Advance and Alarm Latching.”

NOJA Power’s OSM series ACRs provide a comprehensive suite of automation features. The units perform voltage measurement on all bushings, current measurement on all phases, bidirectional protection and extensive power quality and data logging capability. The OSM series has been fully type-tested by independent laboratory KEMA in the Netherlands to ensure long life and reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. Since their introduction, the OSM series ACRs have been installed by utilities in over 84 countries around the world. (See “About the NOJA Power OSM series” below.)