Press Release February 2017

A Short Film on How to Install a Recloser

Australian Utility Essential Energy partners with NOJA Power to document the training installation of an OSM Series Recloser.

  Essential Energy installing NOJA Power OSM Recloser

Installation of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Essential Energy Grafton training yard.


7 February 2017, Grafton NSW Australia - When it comes to understanding how to install a Recloser, you can read all the manuals you would like, but sometimes the best way to visualise how it's done is to watch the professionals do it. NOJA Power, together with the support of Essential Energy in New South Wales have taken the time to film the installation of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser into a live training yard. Who better to learn from than the team at Essential Energy? As a world class utility with an impeccable safety record, Essential Energy showcase the skills and equipment needed to get the job done.

NOJA Power - How to Install a Recloser


On a hot and humid day in Grafton, New South Wales, the Australia Pacific Sales team at NOJA Power joined Essential Energy in their training yard. The scope of the day was to replace the legacy NOJA Power OSM 200 Series Recloser with RC01 control with one of the brand new NOJA Power OSM series reclosers with the revolutionary RC10. The incumbent controller had served many years in the Essential Energy Grafton training yard, but with the company wide transition to the RC10 it was high time that the training equipment was updated. As the team arrived at the training yard in Grafton, they were greeted by a motivated Essential Energy field team and a brand new OSM Recloser system, carefully prepared in close proximity to its future home in the training yard.

With the arrival of the camera crew and a site briefing and sign on, Essential Energy’s team then proceeded to gear up and begin the replacement process, deploying a team of five with two bucket trucks. With the help of some high tech film capabilities, for the first time ever NOJA Power has provided the world with first and third person views of the installation of a NOJA Power Recloser. Combined with the use of a state of the art drone camera, the viewer is presented with never-before seen footage of the intricacy of this electrical installation.

Whilst this may not be the first time that NOJA Power has released a video of an installation, it is a worthwhile addition to the suite of media as it demonstrates a method in which utilities can conduct a field installation. For a comprehensive step by step guide to the installation of the NOJA Power Recloser, you can view this video from NOJA Power OSM Recloser Installation Training Video

The Essential Energy standard installation of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser showcases the Palm Connector option with Surge Arrestor leads terminated directly on to the NEMA palms of the recloser. The Palm connectors are a factory option to replace the standard tunnel connectors. Additionally, this installation demonstrates the use of the combined mounting bracket. This mounting arrangement allows utilities to consolidate both the OSM Recloser and the Auxiliary Voltage Transformer on the same bracket, further simplifying installation and saving time.

As with any instructional video showcasing the use of the NOJA Power OSM Recloser, proper earthing of the OSM Recloser system is paramount for the long and reliable service of the equipment. Even in a training yard setting, the OSM Recloser demands proper earthing for both operator safety and to protect the utilities’ investment in the Recloser. After all, even a power pole in a training yard is not immune to lightning – it is always important to protect the equipment against surges.

“Essential Energy always use best safety practices in their work,” reports NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “This training video is a great reference tool for all our utility customers worldwide to use to help remind their staff of best safety practices. We offer our sincere thanks to the Essential Energy staff who helped us bring this to you.”

NOJA Power would like to extend its thanks for the support, enthusiasm and professionalism demonstrated by Essential Energy in this training video. Without their support this resource would not have been possible to create. NOJA Power is dedicated to building energy expertise and skills in the field, and the installation video is a real life example of the installation of their class leading OSM Series Reclosers.


Installation of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Essential Energy Grafton training yard

Installation of a NOJA Power OSM Recloser in Essential Energy Grafton training yard