Interface Test Set

Interface Test Set

The interface test set provides an interface for secondary injection from Power System Simulators.

Accessory type: Simulators


The Interface Test Set (ITS-04) is used to simulate the current and voltage signals generated by sensors inside the OSM 210, 300 and 310 Series Recloser bushings. It can be connected to the OSM Control Cubicle and OSM Tank for testing purposes. When used in conjunction with a power system and three phase test set, it can be used to conduct the following tests:

  • Three phase short circuit
  • Phase to phase short circuit
  • Earth fault
  • Upstream broken wire
  • Low source voltage
  • Loss of supply.


  • Frequency - 50/60Hz
  • Operating Temperature - 0-55°C
  • Humidity - 98%
  • Altitude - 1000m
  • Degree of Protection - IP40
  • Weight - 15.0kg
  • Dimensions  - 490x365x190mm
  • Tank Simulator Operating Time - <50ms