Up to two Input Output (IO) modules can be supplied with the RC cubicle as an option. Each I/O module has eight opto–coupled inputs and eight voltage free contact outputs with normally open and normally closed contacts.

Accessory type: Communications


The modules can be used to control or monitor external equipment, implement custom automation functionality and provide remote I/O when not using the built in SCADA functionality.

The CMS configuration software is used to program the modules. Any available control signal can be programmed for each input and any combination of available indications can be programmed for each output.


Digital Inputs:

Input Type: DC Voltage;

Input voltage: Up to 150 Vdc;

Pickup Voltage: Above 7 Vdc;

Reset Voltage: Below 3 Vdc;

Time from valid input to activation of the control: 30ms;

Output Relay Contacts

Rated Voltage:

- AC:  6-230 Vac;

- DC: 4.5 – 125 Vdc;

Rated Current: 16A;