NOJA Power’s SGA functionality is the world first recloser implementation of the Industrial PLC control standard IEC 61499. SGA unlocks unrivalled customisation and flexibility by giving users the capability to build applications for deployment into a single or groups of NOJA Power’s OSM Automatic Circuit Reclosers.

SGA software significantly increases the flexibility of the ACRs simplifying the implementation of smart grids. Using the PC-based software, engineers can intuitively develop control and automation applications via an easy-to-use interface. Applications can then be uploaded to NOJA Power’s RC10 controller for the OSM series ACR or distributed to group of controllers for simulation and debugging before field implementation.

SGA software uses IEC 61499 Function Blocks (FB) as the basis for constructing the applications. “Basic” FBs feature event and data inputs and outputs to provide synchronisation for data transfer and program execution in distributed systems. Higher level or “composite” FBs can be created which consist of combinations of basic FBs. Applications are built by interconnecting basic and composite FBs.

NOJA Power Smart Grid Automation Software (Function Blocks)
NOJA Power Smart Grid Automation Software (Load Restore Application)
About IEC 61499

IEC 61499 is an open standard for distributed industrial automation systems aiming at portability, reusability, interoperability and reconfiguration of distributed applications. The IEC 61499 model includes processes and communication networks as an environment for embedded devices, resources and applications. Applications are built by networks of Function Blocks which generally provide an Interface for Event I/Os and Data I/Os.

IEC 61499 provides:

  • A combination of distributed programming language and PLC programming with IEC 61131-3;
  • A generic modelling approach for distributed control applications;
  • Function Block concept;
  • Separation of data and event flow;