NOJA Power Releases Cos Phi Earth Fault Algorithm for Recloser Controller Package

Connecting Wind Farms to the Distribution Grid using Reclosers

18 February 2019 – Evolution in switchgear technology has simplified renewable connection as demonstrated by a new Wind Farm in the Philippines connected to the grid using a NOJA Power OSM Recloser. This installation at Romblon in early 2019 forms part of local initiatives for sustainable energy development.

Switchgear Manufacturer achieves Certification to IEC 61850 Conformance

Evolving the User Experience

When presented with an ever-growing complexity of protection and automation functionality, modern Distribution Network operators are faced with a formidable challenge of interrogating and understanding network IEDs. It is, after all, their responsibility to have a solid grasp on the assets which they are charged with maintaining.

How Much Better is an RC15? Comparing the Generations of NOJA Power Recloser Controllers

New Functionality in NOJA Power’s Recloser Controller

As part of its ongoing commitment to developing the latest in distribution switchgear technology, NOJA Power today announces the global release of its latest Relay firmware This firmware version is focused on rapid delivery of post fault information to operators, saving utilities significant time in power restoration after an interruption.

Practical uses for IEC 61850 in Medium Voltage Reclosers

31 May 2017 Brisbane Australia – If a utility engineer has ventured anywhere near an industry conference in the last 10 years it could be assumed that they have been exposed to the new universal communications and substation definition standard of IEC 61850. Whilst it has been successful in the electricity transmission space, it has seen very little usage in distribution networks.

What Are You Missing?

9 May 2017 – Brisbane Australia. Protection and Control Engineers do an admirable job. It is one of the few professions where the advance of technology is making their life more complicated, rather than solving their day to day challenges.

Automation Unconstrained: Absolute Control

Many years ago, in the dawn of the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) age, control systems engineers dreamed of a platform wherein their design efforts could be effortlessly passed from controller to controller. Despite many years of automation, a universally adoptable standard has eluded the systems engineer.

The Key to Detecting Broken Conductors

14 March 2017 – Brisbane, Australia. NOJA Power today unveils the latest in advanced functionality development for its Recloser Controller, the RC10. This latest implementation of an ANSI standard protection code grants additional capabilities in Broken Conductor detection.