The new Salt Fog Test Laboratory monitors and logs the level of applied voltage, frequency, leakage current, ambient temperature and humidity.

Leakage current levels generated by the test objects are automatically recorded for review. This allows Engineers to test against quality standards such as IEC61109 2008 and IEC62217.The laboratory enclosure is built using graded stainless steel, with glass windows on all four sides to allow Engineers to carefully inspect the test objects. Fog is generated inside the enclosure using ultra sonic mist makers that are able to consistently generate droplets within 5-10 microns. A fan installed within the enclosure ensures the fog density is kept uniform around the test objects.

Levels of salinity are kept within the specified tolerance and are continually monitored and adjusted accordingly. The main applied voltage can be set to approximately 20kV and is kept within the 5% tolerance set by the standard with the use of an Automatic Voltage Regulator.

Salt fog test laboratory
Salt Fog test laboratory