NOJA Power

Circuit Breaker and Fuse Alternative - EcoLink™

Introducing our Newest Innovative Solution - an alternative to MV Fuses

Introducing the EcoLink™

A Single Phase Recloser Optimised for Low Line Current Environments

Self-powered and zero batteries, the NOJA Power EcoLink™ brings reclosing reliability to rural and remote distribution lines.

The EcoLink™ can harvest sufficient energy to operate from 0.15 Amperes of Primary Current, with rapid protection available for “close onto fault" scenarios.

Configuring the EcoLink™

  • Connect wirelessly and securely with encrypted Bluetooth
    with Role Based Access Control
  • IEEE 1686 Cybersecurity Standard guided product
  • Manage and store settings in an enterprise context with
    Excel settings templates

Optimised for Low Network Currents

The EcoLink™ harvests enough energy to operate at 0.15 A of primary current. A minimum pickup configuration of 1 Ampere primary means EcoLink™ brings reclosing reliability to the most remote rural lines.

All Weather Design

Rated from -40 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius, the EcoLink™ goes where no fuse cut-out mounted recloser has gone before.

Powered by Supercapacitors

The EcoLink™ Supercapacitor array provides rapid charging, reliable operation and no battery degradation.

Light on Weight, Heavy on Reliability

EcoLink’s 6.5 kg mass improves safety and reliability of operation in most fuse holders.

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