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Published 08/2022

How to Solve Renewable Connections


Want to learn from prior Renewable Connection project experience?

After many successful high voltage connection projects, we have published a compilation of common Single Line Diagrams for the NOJA Power GMK.The GMK is a modular, customisable switchgear assembly designed to address all connection requirements in a single, factory-built assembly.

This design philosophy offers reliability improvements and cost savings in both capital expenditure and on-site commissioning.

Download your copy of the Single Line Diagram Lookbook using the button below.

Download Single Line Diagram Lookbook
A NOJA Power GMK connecting a grid scale solar
A NOJA Power GMK connecting a grid scale solar © 2022 NOJA Power

GMK projects often have bespoke requirements, but we can use the modular GMK design to customise the product at the factory, delivering a reliable and operable asset to support renewable generation and MV connection.

The latest product updates to the GMK design include an internal arc classified design (the GMK3000 series), and a dual switchgear arrangement for Auto-Changeover applications and solar site subdivision.

“As the world heads towards net carbon zero by 2050, more and more renewable energy will be connected to the grid, and our GMK product is the perfect solution for medium voltage grid connections with the integrated revenue metering, protection, synchronisation and isolation and earthing integrated into a single solution,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

If you have a Medium Voltage connection project, contact NOJA Power to see how the GMK can improve project delivery outcomes.

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