NOJA Power Brazil CEO Graduates from Harvard Business School

NOJA Power celebrates achievement of staff continuing professional development

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May 2018
NOJA Power Brazil CEO and MD Bruno Kimura receiving his certification (right)

NOJA Power Brazil CEO and MD Bruno Kimura receiving his certification (right)

15 May 2018 – International Switchgear Manufacturer NOJA Power today celebrates the achievements of one of its integral staff, as the Managing Director and CEO of NOJA Power’s Brazil operation Mr Bruno Kimura graduates from the General Management Program at Harvard Business School in Boston, USA. Bruno’s achievement marks the latest chapter in a remarkable and endearing tale of calculated risk, exceptional diligence and hard work, from Bruno’s journey as a work experience student who scraped together his last coins and sold his car to fund his flight from his native Brazil to take on an internship in Australia. Fast forward a decade, Bruno represents a new generation of business leaders in the energy industry, primed and ready to take on the challenges of a market in major flux.

Investment in people is a core strategic directive for the switchgear manufacturing company, who today enjoys business in 87 countries and holds multiple intellectual property patents. Businesses which exist to improve global infrastructure through technology deployment are attractive to young graduates, and NOJA Power believes that investing in these bright young minds brings longevity and innovation to the business operation. NOJA Power sponsors multiple university degrees, technical trades and many international internships. This investment pays dividends in the long run for the business, as a new generation of ingenuity can be deployed by the organisation to solve the complex challenges of the energy industry.

NOJA Power is active in providing internships for aspiring engineers and businesspeople, providing an ideal platform for opportunity in exposure to international trade in a technology field. Bruno himself was an international intern who first translated the company’s manuals and product into Brazilian Portuguese – a humble beginning for the man who would become the CEO of NOJA Power’s Brazil operation.

“To have been part of the General Management Program allowed me to immerse in a transformation experience,” says Bruno Kimura, CEO of NOJA Power Brazil. “During the course of the program we were not just passively exposed to accounting, finance, leadership, negotiation, strategy and macroeconomics, but instead actively immersed in all of these dimensions through the study, analysis and discussions of real business cases, from start-ups to fast growing and mature companies. During my time in Boston I could not have been more supported by NOJA Power, a company with long term view willing to invest in its staff. Now, as my certificate hangs on the wall, it is time to make sure this experience adds value to our company.”

“We are very proud of our investment in the education of our staff and the opportunities this presents them with,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “Bruno Kimura was already well placed to lead our business in Brazil, and this program has now enhanced that capability further. We are proud of his achievement and offer him our heartfelt congratulations.”

Stories like Bruno’s are inspirational for the new generation of engineers, as he paves the way for what achievement can look like for graduates willing to commit hard work and dedication to the cause. NOJA Power would like to acknowledge and congratulate Bruno for his achievement. For all aspiring engineers and business leaders of the future reading this, if you believe in reliable energy for the world, NOJA Power would like to hear from you. Get in contact at

MBA Certificate

MBA Certificate