Press Release May 2021

The NOJA Power Origin Story

NOJA Power is approaching 20 years in business building switchgear in Brisbane Australia. The NOJA Power OSM Recloser product has over 76,500 installations in more than a hundred countries worldwide. Each year, 92% of the product manufactured by NOJA Power is exported, where it serves on the world’s electrical distribution networks to improve reliability and safety.

As NOJA Power approaches two decades in Service, Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan reflects on the business he founded in collaboration with Oleg Samarski (Group Quality and Service Director), Jay Manne (Group Engineering Director) and Quynh Anh Le (Group Finance Director). Together, the first letters of their names form “NOJA”, and together they continue to lead the business today.

With much thanks to the customers who have shared the vision in reliable electricity for the world, the firm continues to grow and diversify their products and services.

This is the NOJA Power Story