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Published 01/2023

NOJA Power Releases 2023 Corporate Profile

NOJA Power 2023 Corporate Profile

International switchgear engineering firm NOJA Power today confirm the release of the 2023 Corporate Profile.

Expansion in group performance prompted the strategic implementation of an Operations and Production Engineering divisions, with the 2023 Corporate Profile including the first public address from new board members Simon Trevor, Engineering Director, and Khanh Le, Operations Director.

NOJA Power 2023 Corporate Profile
NOJA Power 2023 Corporate Profile

Their report is joined alongside other members reports from the Directorship and General Management teams.

“We are very pleased to release our 2023 corporate profile which is a subset of our annual report,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan.

“We are proud to continue to service our electricity utility customers in 104 countries around the world today and our company is in a strong position to continue to meet the ever increasing demands and challenges our customers are faced with.”

“With net carbon zero by the year 2050 on the agenda for almost all our utility customers worldwide today our products provide the environmental friendly solutions they need to achieve this target. Renewable energy is on the agenda in most countries today and we have developed solutions for our customers to integrate large scale renewable energy to the grid and suspect these solutions can now be rolled out globally as our customers start to focus on large scale renewable energy generation.”

“Our industry is entering a super cycle and we continue expand our capacity to service this new forecast demand.”

“We look forward to being of continued service.”

The NOJA Power 2023 Corporate Profile is available for your download at the following link:

Download Corporate Profile

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