NOJA Power


The World’s First Solid Dielectric Insulated Load Break Switch with Visible Internal Isolation

Isolation Innovation

The safe choice for all distribution network load break switch applications up to 15 kV.


Enclosed Visible Isolation

The viewing window allows an unobstructed view of the state of the air insulated switch disconnector.

Enclosed Visible Isolation

Zero SF6

Providing engineers with a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to legacy SF6 or air insulated load break switches.

Maintenance Free

Sealed in a stainless-steel tank, the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® will be maintenance free for its entire 30 year service life.

Arc Fault Vented

Superior Electrical Endurance

A Real Alternative for Unreliable Air Break Switches

Hail Resistant Glass Windows

Visible Verification of Safe Isolation

Flexible Installation

The NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® is mountable on timber poles with a keyhole arrangement or concrete poles using banded straps.

Above Pole Mounting Arrangement

Load Break Switch mounted above pole

Side Pole Mounting Arrangement

Load Break Switch Mounted on side of pole

Factory Tested to the most rigorous industry standards.

Built and tested in the state of the art NOJA Power manufacturing campus in Brisbane, Australia.

Easy Operation

Manual operation of the NOJA Power VISI-SWITCH® is possible from the ground in a single motion using an extended hook stick which directly reaches the switch.

Alternatively, an insulated down rod assembly build option can be used to move the operating mechanism further down the pole. This design allows a shorter hook stick to be used.

Down-Pole Operator System

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