Frontline Power Quality Metering

6 November 2019 – The global renewable transition is well underway, whether electrical networks are ready or not. Incentives beyond electro-technical reasons are promoting the proliferation of renewable energy, with examples such as the Australian state of Queensland exceeding 2GW of installed capacity of rooftop solar.

Tiered User Access released for NOJA Power CMS Software

Australian Switchgear Engineering Firm announces the release of tiered user access to their NOJA Power CMS Software, providing utility engineers and departments with the ability to segregate access to various features of the software system for configuring NOJA Power OSM Reclosers.

NOJA Power Recloser App now extended to Android smartphones and tablets

NOJA Power PC-based software automates power quality analysis

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the release of its Power Quality Software (PQS). PQS is a PC-based software application that automates the analysis of data captured by NOJA Power’s OSM range Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) and associated RC10 controllers (see “About the NOJA Power OSM range” below).

Updated NOJA Power Electrical Utility Linesman software app now manages multiple ACRs, increasing onsite network visibility

NOJA Power software app enhances Electrical Utility Linesman job safety by enabling wireless remote control of reclosers

Electrical switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announces the release of a software application (‘app’) that improves job safety for Electrical Utility Linesmen. The NOJA Power Recloser App runs on Apple’s handheld devices and allows the Linesman to check the status of the Automatic Circuit Recloser (ACR) and make changes to its operation without having to leave the ground.