Fundamental research is a cornerstone of NOJA Power's design philosophy and the scope of our internal testing capability reflects this.

Exhaustive testing during our design process coupled with rigorous routine testing ensures that NOJA Power products meet our customers' expectations in every respect.

NOJA Power also Type Tests its products at independent testing laboratories such as KEMA in the Netherlands.

The new Impulse Test Laboratory is capable of simulating lightning strikes and switching surges in accordance to IEC, ANSI/IEEE international standards.

Impulse Test Lab

Our Impulse Voltage generator is rated at 600 kV (15 kJ) and simulates lightning impulse waveform of 1.2/50 µs. These in-house facilities provide flexibility to examine and improve existing product design and prove new prototype design concepts which greatly reduces the time and cost of development.

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NOJA Power product testing

Salt Fog Test Laboratory

The new Salt Fog Test Laboratory monitors and logs the level of applied voltage, frequency, leakage current, ambient temperature and humidity. Leakage current levels generated by the test objects are automatically recorded for review. This allows Engineers to test against quality standards such as IEC61109 2008 and IEC62217.

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NOJA Power Salt Fog test

Arc Fault Containment

The OSM Autorecloser is the only ACR on the market which offers Arc Fault Containment and Venting in Solid Dielectric Insulation.

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 arc-fault-containment diagram