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Published 06/2023

How to Connect the Remote HMI Mobile App to NOJA Power Recloser Controllers

Engineer using the NOJA Power HMI App

NOJA Power’s Remote HMI App delivers added safety for operators, by replicating the Human Machine Interface in NOJA Power’s Recloser Controller on a mobile device over a secure wireless connection.

Available from the Android Play Store and the Apple store, the NOJA Power Remote HMI connects to the Recloser control through an optional Bluetooth accessory.

The Remote HMI App is compatible with all current types of NOJA Power Recloser controller, such as the RC-10, RC-15, RC-03 or RC-20.


Firstly, for a NOJA Power Recloser Controller to have Bluetooth, a Bluetooth Communications Module accessory is required. The Bluetooth module is installed in a USB port in the Recloser Controller Relay.

Operators will also need to install the NOJA Power Remote HMI App, which is available at the following links:

Google Play Store Badge
Apple Store Badge

Configuring the Bluetooth and Secure Access PIN

The Bluetooth module requires security setup and is not immediately enabled after installation.

Users need to connect NOJA Power’s CMS software package to the Recloser controller and configure the port to Bluetooth Communications. At this time, a secure PIN must be selected and configured for the port. This PIN will be required for any device which attempts to connect to the Bluetooth Interface.

Screenshot from Communications Settings configuration in NOJA Power’s CMS Software Package
Screenshot from Communications Settings configuration in NOJA Power’s CMS Software Package

Connecting to the Device

Once the device has been configured to enabled, and a PIN is set, users can initiate pairing from the HMI.

On the RC-02 and RC-03 model controllers, the “Remote ON” button must be pressed and held until all LED’s flash. This activates Pairing Mode for 5 minutes.

On RC-10, RC-15 and RC-20 controllers, Pairing Mode can be entered from the ports menu, by navigating to the port that has the Bluetooth Module installed.

Users then use their mobile device to search for open Bluetooth connections. After selecting the Recloser Controller Bluetooth connection, users are prompted to input the configured PIN to make a connection.

Once connected, users can launch the Remote HMI app and it will automatically detect the equipment, and load the Remote HMI Panel.

Screenshot of NOJA Power RC Control HMI configured for Bluetooth Connections
Screenshot of NOJA Power RC Control HMI configured for Bluetooth Connections

Instructional Video

For those that learn best by visual aid, NOJA Power have prepared a short video showing the equipment in action, demonstrated by NOJA Power Australia Pacific Sales Engineer Norton Sutherland.


The NOJA Power Remote HMI App offers a simple way to improve operator safety, by introducing an air-gap between the equipment and operators.

“Our remote HMI app is a paid app on both the Apple and Android stores but offers great value for our customers lines staff to safely and securely remotely access any of our control cubicles using Bluetooth,” says NOJA Power Group Managing Director Neil O'Sullivan.

“The same familiar human machine interface that is on the control cubicle is emulated in the app. By making a charge for the app, it allows us to invest in future development of the app and we think is a good investment for our customers to enjoy the local remote operation the Bluetooth connection allows.”

For more information, visit or contact your local NOJA Power Distributor.

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