Optimising Capital Equipment Return on Investment

Whilst equipment tenders are the ubiquitous technique for achieving optimised up-front costs for capital equipment purchase, the truly excellent tender ROI performance is reserved for tender process design that also captures operating expenditures of assets for evaluation.

NOJA Power Releases Custom CT option for OSM Reclosers

Driven by customer demand, Australian switchgear engineers NOJA Power today announce a custom modification option to include a second set of Current Transformers in their OSM Recloser product. With the OSM Recloser being deployed in more substation environments, the additional CT’s allow for implementation of Differential Protection schemes.

How to save Capex on Substation Upgrades

6 April 2017 - In modern society, the reliable and abundant supply of electricity for mass consumers is often taken for granted. The industry in charge of supplying the end consumers is often under significant scrutiny for expenses, particularly in government owned enterprises.