Press Release August 2019

Distributed Automation VII – Using IEC 61850 in Automation

NOJA Power Recloser

27 August 2019 – In our final instalment in the series of Electricity Distribution System Automation (DSA), we explore the relevance of IEC 61850 communications capabilities and how this technology can be applied to achieve reliability gains in the performance of the electricity network.

Press Release May 2017

Practical uses for IEC 61850 in Medium Voltage Reclosers

NOJA Power recloser integrated into the substation control system

NOJA Power recloser integrated into the substation control system

31 May 2017 Brisbane Australia – If a utility engineer has ventured anywhere near an industry conference in the last 10 years it could be assumed that they have been exposed to the new universal communications and substation definition standard of IEC 61850. Whilst it has been successful in the electricity transmission space, it has seen very little usage in distribution networks.

Press Release October 2014

NOJA Power IEC61850 GOOSE messaging enables real time communications between osm reclosers

GOOSE diagram

Enhanced protection scheme (trip blocking using reverse interlocking) using GOOSE messaging.

“IEC 61850 is a global standard for communication networks and systems in substations,” explains David Dart, R&D Director of NOJA Power. “It defines a ‘description language’ for substation automation that provides consistent system engineering and device integration such that IEDs [Intelligent Electronic Devices], tools and systems are interoperable.